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Privacy Policy

While internet transmissions are never completely private, I adhere to the following:

1) From time to time I may solicit non-confidential user feedback for ways to improve the site.

2) I maintain log files and analytics data which include identifying information such as IP addresses. If a user abuses the site or violates the Terms of Service, this information may be used to help identify the user and put a stop to the abuse. Otherwise, this information is used for routine upkeep and site maintenance and improvement.

3) I may publicize non-personally identifying statistics for the number of requests per month, total number of requests, total number of hosts, and the most recent seven day total for the last two numbers.

4) If you e-mail me or direct message me in any way, I may obtain identifying information such as IP addresses, name and your e-mail address. You should not assume e-mail or direct message communication to me is confidential.

5) In the event that Matt Rolf Attorney LLC has employees or contracts with a vendor, information listed in this section may be provided to that employee or vendor for the limited purpose of carrying out a task required for operation of the site.

6) Matt Rolf Attorney LLC will only disclose your personal information to the extent required by law, for example, in the event of court issued subpoena.

Your privacy is important, and I ask you to contact me if you have further questions or suggestions for improving this policy.

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